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Pretty much assume that you'll get killed if you are cast in any of these shows.
"All that mattered to them was killing you." The series creators weigh in o...
The most bruising, bloodiest, best walker kills of #TWDxFearTWD
Ninja with the impulse kills
Trap kill👏
39 kill!20v20 by Daequan
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An absolutely insane 1 man and 26 kills Game :O Watch till the end
There's no dignity in killing an unarmed opponent. By: wo_Whales
Smart way of killing someone with the trap :D
Malik Monk killing back in high school at the Made Hoops Tournament.
Tiffany Haddish killed an old man by dancing on him at a bar mitzvah.
About to kill another division #Repost @themaclifeofficial with @repostapp ...