September 11th, 2018 – Amsterdam – Wattl is excited to exhibiting their innovative video sharing platform to the world’s most influential media, entertainment & technology businesses.

After extensive technological development, it is ready to revolutionise the way videos are accessed, making discovering new digital content easier.

Wattl is a fun, interactive virtual world that brings content makers together in one innovative sharing platform.

Emma Ryan, co-founder and CEO said “Wattl is an incredibly simple idea. It’s a massive video wall showing you new and trending videos, like an eye on the internet. With so much content being uploaded daily it’s becoming harder and harder to find relevant and engaging videos.

 Wattl will keep you ahead of the curve by showing you what is popular each day and deleting old content. Find new YouTube stars, watch your favourite team or celebrity, and best of all be part of the grid yourself by uploading your own videos next to your favourites to be discovered”. 

Dr Matthew Ryan, co-founder and CTO said “Wattl is an exciting technical challenge that I love working on. We have an international patent pending on the video platform and we are using the very latest cloud and AI technologies to deliver the product”.

Wattl is taking on established brands such as YouTube, Facebook Watch, IGTV and Snapchat. This small team has moved from their kitchen table to shiny new offices, with interns featuring heavily among their staff. They are nimble, hungry and innovative, bringing something unique to a massively expanding market. Their vision is to mix up on-demand, broadcast and personal footage all on the same platform. Wattl is an app and is available to download from the Apple App store HERE.


Stand number: 10/A42c


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