Wattl: Build Worlds With Exciting New Content

We’ve got some explaining to do, but we suppose that’s in the nature of a disruptive mobile app. What we’re setting out to do with Wattl is change the way the everyday person discovers fresh content.

Ambitious, we know, but we truly believe the time is right to introduce our concept to the world; linear timelines and monotonous scrolling are a thing of the past to us. What we’ve developed in their place is an app that pushes the boundaries of content discovery.

So, what can you expect from Wattl?

Find exciting new content

We understand the frustration of seeing the same content all of the time, and struggling to discover things that we’re actually interested in. So, that’s why we designed Wattl the way it is – to make that process a whole lot easier and more interesting.

One of the main features of the App is the novel compass. It’s a brand new and exciting way of viewing content that you might be interested in, and one which we believe gives us the edge over any other similar social media apps out there.

Wattl World

By using the easy search function, you can type in a topic that you’re interested in, and watch the compass come to life. In an instant, our compass will appear over the screen, highlighting every cell which contains content related to your topic, and darkening the ones which it doesn’t think you’d be interested in, so you needn’t bother getting distracted by them.

This way, you can easily and quickly navigate over the whole world, with the knowledge that only the cells highlighted might peak your interest. From there, you simply click onto any interesting looking cell – and there you have it, you’ve already discovered new content!

Contribute to huge public worlds

There are currently five unique Wattl worlds, open to everyone to view fresh content and to share anything they’ve found or made themselves. Our public worlds are the best place to experience the magic of Wattl, with new posts popping up all of the time. Each of our Wattl worlds have themes so you can hone your search for new videos and photos. The current Wattl setup features:


Wattl football world

This can feature absolutely anything related to the world of football. Found a great Messi goal compilation? Highlights of a classic game? Interview with your favourite player? Why not share it on the Wattl football world.


Wattl Music World

The music world is open to every genre and era of music, whether you want to share your favourite music video, find live concert footage, or want to keep up to date with the hottest up and coming musicians, Wattl is the place for you.


Wattl Gaming World

Gaming tips & tricks, walkthroughs, trailers, and more, the gaming world has so much to offer. Watch or share clips from your favourite games, or learn about the newest up and coming console hits on the Wattl gaming world.

Fashion & Beauty

Wattl Fashion and Beauty World

This world is all about everything glamorous – whether you’ve got a brilliant make-up tutorial you want to share, or are looking for tips on how to get your contouring on fleek, this world has it all.

Wattl World

You can’t put every piece of great content into one of those four categories – this is where the general Wattl world comes into play. A wall open to everything and anything – found something innovative? Want to share something unique? This is the place.

Create your own innovative worlds

Away from the five main Wattl worlds, you can create your own private boards for anything you like. Just choose a title and select your size (grids from 3×3 to 256×256 cells), and then fill it with everything you want. Why not select the cells you populate carefully and design shapes and patterns with the content you upload, to give your world that personal touch?

Creating a world on Wattl

Don’t worry, a private world doesn’t mean you have to Wattl alone. You can share your world with anyone else on the app – just add their username to the share box, and you’ve got a world where you and your friends can share content with each other, without any interruption from anyone else.

Interact with other Wattlers

Wattl is all about building a community of like minded people. With all of the different worlds and topics within the app, it’s never been easier to find people with similar interests. Wattl has a few different integrated tools to encourage interaction between fellow Wattlers…

Profile and Bio Page

All users have their own profile where they can add a photo and write a bit about themselves, to make other users aware of who they are and what kind of things they’re interested in.

On a users profile, you can also see which cells they’ve uploaded – which is a great way to discover new content via users you have similar interests to!

Feed Page

Wattl Feed

You will have your own feed page which is instantly updated with new activity relating to your account. This page will show you any comments or activity on your uploaded cells, so you can easily go ahead and send other users a reply and check out their bio, too.


The world of Wattl relies on pulses. A pulse is similar to a “like” on other social media platforms. If you’re a fan of a cell, pulse it.

Wattl uses an algorithm to fade cells that are no longer popular, so the more pulses a cell is getting, the more chance it has of sticking around.

So there you have it – but don’t just take our word for it, download Wattl from the App Store today and dive head first into one of our Worlds. They’re growing every day with live cells coming and going all the time.

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If you have any questions about the Wattl concept or app, please do get in touch as we love feedback – it’s all part of the growing process. You can email us on hello@wat.tl

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