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Discover popular content

Discovery compass directs you to popular content
Thousands of ever changing videos

The grid contains thousands of cells, each can contain a video or photo. wattl® uses an algorithm to fade cells that are no longer popular. When a cell is faded, it disappears from the grid leaving an empty space - ready for something new.

Packed with amazing features

  • Discovery Compass
  • Pulses
  • Comments
  • Search
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See thousands of videos in one place

  • Search

    Find videos using AI algorithms to search the content of cells.

  • Comment

    You can comment on other peoples cells, and be notified when people comment on yours.

  • Compass

    Discover new and exciting content daily by using the novel compass that highlights trending photos and videos.

Screenshot showing zoomed out view of the wattl grid
  • Feed Page

    You have a feed page that shows you activity such as comments on your cells.

  • Profile and Bio page

    Each user has a profile page showing stats and social media links.

  • Prism Interface

    The app uses a 3D-prism interface to change screens by swiping from the edge of the screen.


Team behind wattl

Created by the people from the BBC, Universal Pictures and Hilton apps.

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Sci-Tech Daresbury
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
Manchester Science Partnerships (MSP)

UK Patent pending application number 1608051.7

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The Bright Building, Manchester, M15 6GZ, UK